Chargers' interest in J.K Dobbins is awful news for one player specifically

Houston Texans v Baltimore Ravens
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The LA Chargers have been very busy this offseason as the new regime looks to change the culture of the team. Los Angeles did not have much money to spend this offseason but with various cap-cutting moves and small signings, the Chargers have been able to bring many new faces in.

A lot of the moves the Chargers have made this offseason have been predicated on past relationships. Whether it be coaches (Greg Roman) or players (Gus Edwards, Hayden Hurst, to name a few), the Chargers have brought in players whom the coaching staff and front office are familiar with.

It looks like that trend might continue as the Chargers met with free-agent running back J.K. Dobbins. Dobbins was just cleared for football activities and if he were to come to LA, he would be following several other former Ravens.

Nothing it official as it was just a meeting but regardless, the Chargers showing any level of interest in another running back is not great for a certain third-round pick who has disappointed in the NFL thus far.

Chargers' J.K. Dobbins interest is horrible news for Isaiah Spiller

If the Chargers' interest in Dobbins is legitimate and the team signs him to a deal then Isaiah Spiller will find himself on the outside looking in. After signing Dobbins, Spiller would be the RB3 on the roster but that place would not be locked in stone.

Even if the team signs Dobbins there is a very good chance that the Chargers are going to select a running back in the mid-rounds of the 2024 NFL Draft. Just relying on Edwards, Dobbins and Spiller would be risky and does not give the Chargers any long-term potential to grow.

Any drafted running back is going to be ahead of Spiller on the depth chart and should get decent playing time in Greg Roman's run-heavy offense. Even with a run-heavy offense, though, there reasonably is not enough room to have a fourth running back on the active depth chart.

To be fair, Spiller hasn't really proven anything in the league thus far and the Chargers don't have to feel forced to make room for him. The previous regime is no longer around, so there is no need to force-feed him playing time, and it is not like he has been overly impactful thus far in his career.

Heck, last year's coaching staff still didn't give him playing time when the season was essentially over in the last few weeks. That would have been the perfect time to see what Spiller had and even then the team didn't want to see it. Why would the new regime feel compelled to give him playing time?

Don't be surprised if Spiller is not on the 53-man roster by the time the 2024 season rolls around. If the Chargers' interest in Dobbins means anything, it means that Spiller's stock may be at an all-time low.