What J.C. Jackson is bringing to the Chargers' secondary

New England Patriots v Los Angeles Chargers
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A player that almost every team in the NFL would love to have on their roster, superstar J.C. Jackson landed with the Chargers on a five-year $82.5 million deal. Something that the Chargers needed, after finishing 29th in points allowed last year, J.C. Jackson has already made an immediate impact on the secondary, more specifically the cornerback room.

Second-year corner Asante Samuel Jr. spoke to the media earlier this week about the impact that Jackson has had on him and the rest of the secondary room. Samuel stated that a player like J.C. Jackson is "what we definitely need" and that he has been a great mentor to the second-year corner so far.

Even at the young age of 26, J.C. Jackson is being incredibly helpful to the roster and looking combine forces with Derwin James to make this secondary unit one of the best in the NFL.

J.C. Jackson brings a ballhawk to the Chargers' secondary

The "ballhawk" that Asante described J.C. Jackson as is ready to make a big splash in Los Angeles this season. Jackson throughout his career has been just that - a ballhawk. Totaling almost 20 interceptions over the last two years for New England, and hopes to continue those astonishing numbers for his new team.

With how young the secondary is, having a mentor like J.C. Jackson could bode to be one of the biggest stories to watch in the NFL this season. J.C. Jackson, Michael Davis, Nasir Adderly, Asante Samuel Jr. Derwin James, and new additions of rookie JT Woods and Broncos veteran Bryce Callahan are now the focal points of this Chargers secondary.

With only Callahan being over the age of 26, there is a lot of room for this unit to grow and improve as they learn from their superstar mentors in Jackson and James.

One of the teams that have a lot of promise and uprise going into the 2022 season, have what could be the biggest piece in J.C. Jackson coming into their roster. Since he arrived in March, he has been impressing coaches, new teammates, and fans now that they have heard what he has already done to help young players like Asante Samuel Jr.

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Fans are very excited to see what J.C. Jackson is going to bring to the defense this season, and parlaying his leadership and skillset on the field will be something to keep an eye on as the defense looks to improve from the previous season, where they ranked 29th in points allowed and 22nd in interceptions. Where will the Bolts rank this season after it is all said and done? Only time will tell.