4 Chargers who will definitely be inactive in Week 1 vs Dolphins

Not every member of the 53-man roster can dress on gameday

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3. Brenden Jaimes

Brenden Jaimes was one of the more surprising inclusions on the Chargers' 53-man roster this season. Jaimes was highlighted as a potential cut candidate very early in training camp as he was not coming along as the interior depth piece that the Chargers thought he could be.

Jaimes struggled before training camp kicked off as he fell to the third center on the depth chart behind Corey Linsley and Will Clapp. He didn't show much promise at guard, which gave him a huge uphill battle to make the roster.

The former fifth-round pick recouped some of his value by playing well at the center position but with Clapp ahead of him on the depth chart, it still seemed unlikely that he would make the roster. Alas, the Chargers decided to keep Jaimes around and waive Zack Bailey instead. Bailey signed to the practice squad.

While Jaimes made the roster, there really is no point for him if the offensive line room is completely healthy. Jaimes is the third center behind Clapp and is arguably behind Jordan McFadden on the depth chart as well. It would take 3-4 injuries for Jaimes to even get in the game, which is unlikely.

The Chargers have to trim the roster fat somewhere and Jaimes is a prime candidate to not dress for Week 1.