3 Chargers who will immediately benefit from Jesse Minter's arrival

East Carolina v Michigan
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Asante Samuel Jr.

You can copy and paste the entire spiel about how Brandon Staley was not maximizing Derwin James here for Asante Samuel Jr. After all, this was Staley's down-fall as a defensive play-caller. Schematically he was a genius but he failed to adapt to the strengths of the players that were actually on his roster.

The worst examples of this are James and Michael Davis, who is definitely going to be off the team next season. But Samuel was also not put in positions to succeed in coverage and that is going to change under Minter.

In addition to his experience as the defensive coordinator at Michigan, Minter also has experience coaching on an NFL staff. Minter spent time on the Ravens coaching the defensive backs and under his watch, several defensive backs had breakout seasons in Baltimore.

Samuel has always had a lot of potential and there is no denying that he is already extremely skilled as a ball-hawk. The holes in his game that haven't developed are sometimes easier to point out, though. Samuel's tackling needs work and sometimes he is too busy going for the home-run play that he allows receptions in coverage.

Minter knows all of this and he is going to put Samuel in a position that plays to his strengths. Not only that, but those same holes that haven't developed at all under Staley should develop in Minter's defense.