3 huge surprises the Chargers could pull off during 2023 NFL Draft

Denver Broncos v Los Angeles Chargers
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3. Chargers don't draft a wide receiver in the first two days of the NFL Draft

Wide receiver is one of the most prominent positions that have been mocked to the Chargers during this entire process. A lot of fans want to see the team take a receiver in round one and at the very least want to see a fast receiver taken in the first three rounds.

It is safe to say that a majority of the fanbase is expecting there to be a receiver picked in the first three rounds. That is why it would be surprising if the Chargers ended up not taking a receiver on day one or two, and you could see a path where this happens.

First, we know the Chargers are really high on the top three receivers in the building. While the long-term future is up in the air, Telesco and Staley love Keenan Allen, Mike Williams and Joshua Palmer. The team also just brought back Jalen Guyton, giving them a speed option and an additional depth piece.

Add in the fact that Staley himself said that the team is looking to add offensive weapons, not necessarily receivers. This could be pointing the team towards taking a tight end in the first round to bolster the offense and conform to Kellen Moore's offensive style of play.

If the team views a first-round tight end as a dynamic addition to the offense then we could see the Chargers go defense in both the second and third round. It would not be the most popular decision but with how this team operates, it certainly is in the realm of possibility.

If the Bolts really wanted to anger the fanbase even more they would continue to pass on a receiver and not take one in the fourth round, either. As asinine as that sounds, the Bolts did not draft a single receiver last year when everyone in the world thought they would.