4 greatest one-hit wonders in Chargers history

If only these Chargers could have replicated the best season of their careers.
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Greatest one-hit wonders in Chargers history: 2. Antonio Cromartie

Antonio Cromartie was a tough player to rank on this list. At the surface level, his 2007 season was easily the best of anyone on this list and if we were ranking it solely based on that it would be No. 1. Not only is that the best season on this list, it is one of the best defensive seasons in franchise history and one of the best seasons a cornerback has ever had.

Cromartie intercepted 10 passes in the 2007 season and somehow finished fourth in Defensive Player of the Year voting (which still makes no sense). It took another 13 years for someone to reach double-digits in interceptions again as Xavien Howard did it in 2020.

This was undoubtedly Cromartie's best season and he never came close to replicating this with the Chargers. Heck, he never turned in another Pro Bowl season with the Chargers, which is the entire reason why this qualifies as a one-hit wonder.

However, he still was a solid cornerback for the Bolts in the other years he played with the team, which is why he ranks second on this list and not first. It wasn't like Cromartie reverted into being someone who couldn't even play, he was still a serviceable starting cornerback for the Bolts. And he did return to Pro Bowl form eventually, it just happened with the New York Jets.

But it is still strange that arguably the best defensive season in franchise history came from someone who never made a Pro Bowl with the team outside of that one season.