3 Chargers who have the highest odds of being traded this offseason

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2. Mike Williams

Mike Williams is coming off a torn ACL and has injury concerns just like Bosa. One may argue that teams would be more hesitant to trade for Williams and that certainly is fair. There is a world in which both Bosa and Williams don't actually have much trade value because of their contract price and injury concerns.

That being said, wide receivers are a sought-after commodity in the NFL and there are absolutely teams out there with cap space and young quarterbacks that need weapons. A team like the Carolina Panthers, who has no first-round pick in 2024, would absolutely trade a 2025 third-round pick for a receiver of Williams caliber to help Bryce Young. If traded, Williams' new team will only be on the hook for $17 million.

The Chargers would free up $20 million in cap space if they were to trade Williams before June 1. Even if a trade does not happen, the Chargers will likely part ways with Williams as he is the No. 1 candidate to be a cap casualty this offseason.

Los Angeles simply cannot justify paying $32.4 million for a receiver who is a bit injury-prone and is coming off a torn ACL. If it was the old regime then they would probably let emotions get in the way and keep Williams around. But with a new regime, there are no emotional ties to Williams and that will seal his fate.

The Chargers need to extend Keenan Allen for two more years to get his cap hit down, draft two pass catchers in the first three rounds of the 2024 NFL Draft and go from there. Williams is important to this offense but the team needs to rip the band-aid off now.