3 Chargers who have the highest odds of being traded this offseason

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The LA Chargers are entering a new era in 2024. Brandon Staley and Tom Telesco have gotten the boot and fans are hoping that the team hires Jim Harbaugh and his choice of GM to replace them. As great as that sounds, there are also some tough decisions that the Chargers are going to have to make.

The Chargers are well over the 2024 salary cap and are going to have to clear up a big chunk of money not just to get under the cap, but to make any moves as well as pay the draft class. As a result, we will likely see several big names get traded or waived this offseason.

It is obviously better for the Chargers to trade someone than waive them as they can get some kind of asset in return. It might not be the most popular move, but sometimes a team just has to rip the band-aid off.

3 Chargers with the highest odds of being traded this offseason:

3. Joey Bosa

Joey Bosa is the least likely on this list to be traded but it certainly is possible. Bosa is probably the player on this list that fans want to trade the most as he has been widely unavailable the last two seasons because of various injuries.

The Chargers would save money by trading Bosa and there certainly would be interested teams. Bosa has two more years under contract and according to Over The Cap, the Chargers would save $14.3 million in cap space by trading him before June 1.

As injured as Bosa has been, the Chargers need to bet on youth more than age and there are older players at his position that are bigger trade candidates. If things go poorly in 2024 then the Chargers can cut or trade him before 2025 to free up even more space. But in the long run, Bosa has a smaller chance of regressing than others on the roster and the Chargers need to factor that in.

It certainly is possible and if there was a desperate team that offered a ridiculously over-priced package then the Chargers would say yes. But it is not the most likely.