4 head coach candidates the Chargers must avoid at all costs

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The Chargers shouldn't hire Raheem Morris

Speaking of coaches with parallels to Brandon Staley, Raheem Morris would be coming from the exact role that Staley left to be the head coach of the Chargers. Morris took over as the Los Angeles Rams' defensive coordinator after Staley was hired by the Chargers and the Rams, for the most part, didn't miss a beat.

The 2020 Rams definitely had the best defense that Sean McVay has had but Morris did a great job of carrying over Staley's work in 2021 to help the Rams win the Super Bowl. With that experience as a coordinator, and previous head coaching experience, fans can see how the Chargers would talk themselves into Morris.

On paper, Morris would give the Chargers an easier transition as he can take the fundamental skeleton of Staley's defense and add his spin. That would keep the defense from undergoing a complete overhaul and could make the transition smoother.

But that shouldn't even matter. The Chargers need a complete reset and there is no reason to try to smooth the transition on defense when the Chargers might be replacing half or more of the defensive starters next season.

Plus, Morris' time as a head coach did not go well. Morris boasts a 17-31 record as the head coach of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and then took over as interim for Dan Quinn when he was fired in 2020. Morris did not impress in that stretch, going 4-7 with the Falcons.

Once again: some guys are meant to just be good coordinators. Morris is another example of that. Plus, if the Chargers are going to hire any coordinator as a head coach, it should be an offensive coordinator.