4 head coach candidates the Chargers must avoid at all costs

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The Chargers should not hire Jim Schwartz

Jim Schwartz is a very similar candidate to Dan Quinn. He is currently the defensive coordinator the Cleveland Browns, who boast one of the best defenses in the entire sport. With how impressive the Browns have been all season, Schwartz is a candidate for teams looking for experience.

Many of the same problems that exist with Quinn also exist with Schwartz. While the two coaches do not have the same coaching journey in the NFL, the logic of hiring both is the same and there are the same concerns. If the Chargers were to hire Schwartz, it would likely be because of his NFL experience and current defensive resume.

Those are the wrong reasons to hire Schwartz. Hiring a first-time head coach might be daunting to some fans but it is much better to take a chance and potentially hire the next great head coach rather than giving an older coach who has failed another chance.

Schwartz has gotten a crack at being a head coach in the past and it did not go well. In five seasons with the Detroit Lions, Schwartz had a 29-51 record and only made the playoffs once. The offense wasn't great, Schwartz didn't really elevate the defense, and the team was bad. Do the Chargers really want to go down this path again?