4 head coach candidates the Chargers must avoid at all costs

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The Chargers shouldn't hire Dan Quinn

Dallas Cowboys defensive coordinator Dan Quinn has been thrown around as a potential head coach candidate and it should worry Chargers fans. Heck, there is a contingency of fans who are pushing the Quinn agenda in the offseason even though it would be a bad move by the Bolts.

Quinn isn't anyone's first option as that would be Belichick or Jim Harbaugh for many Chargers fans. But for many, Quinn is viewed as this reliable backup option with experience that the Chargers could hire. Because the last three Chargers head coaches were first-time head coaches, a lot of people have this idea that every first-time head coach is doomed. That is why Quinn is favored.

Quinn is a very good defensive coordinator and he has been for two different franchises now (Seattle and Dallas); but some guys are good coordinators and not good head coaches. Heck, the Chargers just fired a guy who might fit into that billing.

When Quinn wasn't benefitting from a defense led by Micah Parsons or the extremely talented Legion of Boom, he was the head coach of the Atlanta Falcons. There, Quinn was a career .500 head coach who got carried to one Super Bowl appearance thanks to Kyle Shanahan leading Atlanta to have the top offense in the sport.

Once there, Quinn's team was responsible for the worst loss in the history of the NFL, blowing a 28-3 lead against the New England Patriots. The Chargers are trying to stop suffering heartbreaking losses, not hire a coach who has several of them under his belt.

Quinn only had one top-10 defense during his time in Atlanta and had more that were in the bottom 10. The last thing the Chargers need is another defensive-minded head coach with a tendency to blow big games who also was a .500 head coach in his past. If the team wanted that, it should have just kept Staley.