5 sleeper candidates who could be the next Chargers head coach

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Brian Callahan

Now, I've heard the names of Slowik and Monken being mentioned as head coaching candidates this next offseason, but I have not heard Brian Callahan's name at all. This is one half of the puzzle in Cincinnati. The puzzle is now beginning to take shape and show people that the system in place for the Bengals is actually a lot better than many originally gave it credit for.

Jake Browning's last few games have been proof that Cincy has a pretty damn good offensive scheme going on.

The Bengals have one of the simplest schemes to run, and yet it's super effective because it's gotten pretty much the same results out of a number one pick/$275 million dollar quarterback and a career practice squad guy/undrafted free agent.

Ever wonder why Joe Burrow draws Tom Brady comparisons? It's because their offenses are so similar. Short passes on crossing routes, run game, and heavy usage of the underneath throw. The only difference is that the Bengals have two guys who can get down the field and win contested catches in Ja'Marr Chase and Tee Higgins.

What Callahan does really well is keep the offense flowing. And he's able to do that because defenses want to make sure Higgins and Chase do not get behind them. Hit the short passes and keep the completion percentage high- that is how you ultimately wear down defenses. It's like having a strong run game, only it's your quarterback being more involved.

Maybe that works better with a Burrow or a Browning because the arm strength isn't like Justin's, but I still really like the idea of keeping the offense flowing and elongating drives. As frustrating as Joe Lombardi was as the OC of the Chargers, he kept Justin in a groove and the short passes to Austin Ekeler turned out to be a de facto version of our run game.

I want Justin to hit big passes and throw the ball down the field like his arm talent warrants. But then again, I also want us to win more consistently. Maybe taking a page out of the Patriots' and Bengals' books isn't the worst idea, and I think Callahan is an offensive mind that can get this offense in the groove of chipping away at defenses and spelling their own defense.