Chargers head coach Jim Harbaugh is already throwing jabs at the Raiders

Los Angeles Charges OTA Offseason Workout
Los Angeles Charges OTA Offseason Workout / Harry How/GettyImages

The LA Chargers officially kickstarted a new era for the franchise this offseason by hiring Jim Harbaugh to be the team's next head coach alongside new general manager Joe Hortiz. After years of settling for lesser-known head coaches, the Chargers finally went out and hired a prolific name.

Chargers fans are beyond excited for this new era under Harbaugh as the veteran head coach has won everywhere he has coached. From the NFL to top-tier college programs to lesser college programs, Harbaugh has proven time and time again that he can build a winner.

There are very few things that Harbaugh can do to get the fanbase to turn against him. Even trading fan-favorite Keenan Allen wasn't enough for the fanbase to doubt the new head coach and front office. That bond is only growing stronger with time, too, as Harbaugh is already well-versed in firing jabs at the team's biggest division rival, the Las Vegas Raiders.

Jim Harbaugh is already throwing jabs at the Raiders before coaching a game for the Chargers

There are two things that will make you beloved as the head coach of the LA Chargers. The first is to win games and the second is to throw shade at AFC West rivals, especially the Raiders. While the Raiders have not been the most competitive team in the division, they have always felt like the Chargers' biggest rivals.

This rivalry has only grown heading into the 2024 season considering who the Raiders hired to be the team's new GM. After failing as the Chargers GM, Tom Telesco will now look to turn the ship around in Las Vegas. Telesco didn't leave LA on the best of terms, so it is safe to say that Chargers fans want to see him fail.

This is not the deepest cut by any means. Having a better golf tournament than the Raiders does absolutely nothing for the Chargers on the field. It does, however, have a big impact on the community because of the funds it raises. Last year, the Chargers raised nearly $400,000 for the team's impact fund.

It also shows that Harbaugh's mind is (of course) in the right place. He is taking the mantle of hating the Raiders and is doing so before the season even begins.