4 interviewed Chargers head coach candidates who have no real chance

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4. Todd Monken, Ravens offensive coordinator

Most Chargers fans do not want to see the team hire another defensive-minded head coach after Staley. Because of that, Todd Monken seems like a great candidate as he is an offensive mind and just coached a great Baltimore Ravens offense.

Monken certainly is qualified and there probably is a day where he is going to get a head coaching chance somewhere. Heck, it might even be with another team in 2024. It just should not be the Chargers.

The Chargers job is simply too good to give to a candidate like Monken. With a franchise quarterback like Justin Herbert, the Chargers need to ensure that they are hiring a candidate who can take the team to the next level and there are too many unknowns with Monken.

Monken would be a first-time head coach and while he is older with a lot of coaching experience, he doesn't actually have as much experience as one would think in the NFL. Most of Monken's experience comes at the collegiate level and that could run the Chargers into trouble.

Monken has nine years of NFL experience with four of those years coming back from 2007-2010. From 2016 through 2018 Monken served as the offensive coordinator of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and in those years they ranked 18th, 18th and 12th in points per game. He then got one year as the Browns offensive coordinator in 2019 and actively hurt Baker Mayfield's development. The Browns had the 22nd-ranked offense.

Sure, he is an offensive coach with a lot of experience but that experience is not all that great. The Chargers would be much better off hiring someone like Ben Johnson and they know that. Monken has no real shot.

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