4 interviewed Chargers head coach candidates who have no real chance

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3. Leslie Frazier, unemployed

Leslie Frazier is one of the most surprising names that has emerged in the Chargers' head coaching search. While fans expected the team to cast a wide net to find the next head coach, many did not expect the team to interview someone who isn't even in the league right now.

it isn't like Frazier is coaching in college ball either. Frazier sat out the 2023 season after being let go from his role as defensive coordinator with the Buffalo Bills. That is right, the Chargers interviewed someone who got fired from his job and did not even get another job for the 2023 season.

Frazier has been in the league a long time and he certainly has the respect of the league but the Chargers can't hire someone based on that alone. The Chargers need to hire someone who is actually going to steer them to a Super Bowl and nothing indicates that Frazier can be that guy.

The defenses in Buffalo during his last stint left more to be desired and his head-coaching track record is not great. Frazier got a four-year stint in Minnesota in the early 2010s and had just one winning season. Minnesota won five or fewer games in three of Frazier's four seasons and he finished with a career 21-32-1 record.

Maybe the Chargers are interviewing Frazier with the intention of potentially bringing him in for a smaller role on the coaching staff because it would make no logical sense to hire him to be the head coach.