4 interviewed Chargers head coach candidates who have no real chance

Los Angeles Chargers v Denver Broncos
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2. Aaron Glenn, Lions defensive coordinator

The Chargers put in a request to interview both of the Lions coordinators after Detroit won the NFC North this season. Ben Johnson has been one of the hottest names in the coaching circuit so that was to be expected, Glenn was more of a surprise for Chargers fans studying who their next head coach will be.

With all due respect to Glenn, it feels like the Chargers are only interviewing him so they can get a better feel about Johnson from one of his peers. The Chargers aren't going to outright say that to Glenn but there is no real way that he beats out every other candidate, right?

I mean let's be real here: the Lions' defense has been the weakest part of the team all season. While Detroit certainly has had its moments defensively, it probably underachieved considering all of the blue-chippers that Glenn has on that side of the ball.

The Lions ranked 23rd in the league in points allowed per game and 19th in yards allowed per game. Those are not terrible numbers but they definitely are not numbers that would lend Glenn to landing a head coaching job.

Chargers fans are still scarred from the team hiring a defensive-minded head coach who was in over his head. If the Chargers are going to hire another defensive-minded head coach it won't be someone who just coached a mediocre defense.