First 4 candidates for Chargers head coach are revealed (including Jim Harbaugh)

Rose Bowl Game - Alabama v Michigan
Rose Bowl Game - Alabama v Michigan / Kevork Djansezian/GettyImages

LA Chargers fans were paying closer attention to the Rose Bowl than normal on Monday afternoon. Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh has been the biggest name attached to the Chargers' head coach opening so fans sat back and wanted to see what would happen to Michigan.

The Wolverines defeated Alabama in overtime to move on to the National Championship, so Harbaugh is going to be distracted for at least another week.

However, shortly after Michigan wrapped up its win over Alabama a very interesting report dropped. NFL insider Josina Anderson so happened to provide an update to the Chargers' head coach and general manager search. In the update, Anderson specifically named four coaches who are surfacing as legitimate candidates for the job.

Seeing Harbaugh on this list is great, but it is nothing new. There has been ongoing speculation with various reports about Harbaugh and the Chargers. The other three names have had varying levels of connections to the Bolts but not nearly as strong as Harbaugh.

First four candidates for Chargers head coach may have just been revealed

Harbaugh is the obvious home run hire here and would be most fans' preference. The other three options are all long-standing coaches in the league with a lot of experience, but there are reasons to be weary about each of them.

Dan Quinn might just be a classic example of someone who is only great as a coordinator. His best moments in Atlanta came when Kyle Shanahan's offense carried him to the Super Bowl. The defensive-minded head coach had just one top-10 defense in his five-plus seasons in Atlanta. He had multiple bottom-10 defenses.

The Chargers just fired a defensive-minded head coach who had a lifetime record around .500 and had a historic choke job in the NFL Playoffs. Does the team really want to hire another coach who checks all of those same boxes?

Eric Bieniemy has long been a name that has circled in head coaching conversations. Some would say that the Chiefs taking a step back offensively helps Bieniemy's case but that ignores what he has done in Washington... nothing. The Commanders are no better offensively than they were last year and Bieniemy hasn't done a great job in putting a rookie quarterback in positions to succeed.

Bill Belichick is the greatest coach of all time and there is no denying that if he was coaching the Chargers it would be the best coach the team ever had, even if he is still past his prime. However, there are too many strings attached with Belichick to get excited about it.

First, the Chargers would have to trade draft capital to get Belichick from New England. Second, the Chargers would also have to give Belichick roster control like he had in New England. As bad as Tom Telesco was the last decade, Belichick has been even worse. Allowing Belichick to have roster control just so he can chase the all-time wins record in Los Angeles would set the franchise back in the long run.

Let's just hope that none of this matters and the Chargers hire Jim Harbaugh. If that doesn't happen then hopefully there are other options.

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