5 compelling Chargers head coach candidates to replace Brandon Staley (ranked)

Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports
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The home run, should be the favorite, Chargers candidate: Ben Johnson

Ben Johnson has to be considered the favorite to replace Brandon Staley as the head coach of the LA Chargers. Johnson is the name in the coaching cycle ahead of the 2024 season and he is everything that the Chargers could want in a head coach.

Johnson has piloted a truly special Lions offense that has completely reinvented the team and its quarterback, Jared Goff. If Johnson is doing the things he is doing with the Lions just imagine what he could do with Justin Herbert under center.

Johnson is going to be more expensive than other coordinator hires just because there will be several teams vying for his services. But compared to the likes of Harbaugh and Belichick, Johnson would be a cheap hire for the Bolts.

As far as Johnson himself goes, it makes practical sense for him to choose the Chargers job over any other job. While there is offensive talent on other potential openings, there is not a team in the league that can offer him a job like the Chargers' job (unless Buffalo fires Sean McDermott).

The only drawback of Johnson is that he would be a first-time head coach, which might scare some fans. However, the Chargers have made a trend of hiring first-time head coaches, so that might make him more likely to be hired.

Los Angeles would have to figure out what to do with Kellen Moore, and Johnson would have to bring in a solid defensive coordinator, but he still remains the most likely head coach candidate for the Bolts in 2024.