5 compelling Chargers head coach candidates to replace Brandon Staley (ranked)

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The more likely big-name Chargers candidate: Jim Harbaugh

Maybe we are being a bit too optimistic, but Jim Harbaugh seems like the second-most likely candidate to replace Brandon Staley next season. It would take ownership changing its ways and forking over a big contract but crazier things have happened.

After all, the Spanos family has committed $270 million to build a new practice facility and has not been shy in handing out big contracts in recent years. The value of the franchise has grown immensely since the move to Los Angeles, so maybe now an expensive head coach is possible.

Harbaugh's likely price tag keeps him from being the No. 1 candidate on this list but if the Chargers are willing to spend then he will likely be the hire. Harbaugh has been flirting with the NFL for years now as he is likely waiting for the perfect job to open.

The Chargers job would be the perfect job as he would not only get to coach Justin Herbert but would get to implement a completely new system assuming Telesco is also let go. There are very few dream jobs in the NFL and the Chargers job is one of them.

The Big 10 suspending Harbaugh may have made Harbaugh's mind up for him as well. He has accomplished just about everything possible with Michigan and it now may be time to move on.

Harbaugh is more likely than Sean Payton was last year for two reasons. First, the Chargers would not have to trade draft picks to hire him like the Denver Broncos did for Payton. Second, Harbaugh has previous ties to the organization as a former quarterback for the Bolts.