5 compelling Chargers head coach candidates to replace Brandon Staley (ranked)

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The dark horse Chargers candidate that is more likely than you think: Frank Smith

Even if the Chargers make a change at general manager we have to remember who the ownership group is. The Spanos family has notoriously been cheap with head coaches and while that could change, it also could dictate who the team ultimately hires.

If Spanos is not willing to change his ways then the top-two options on this list won't be hired. Instead, the team would make another surprising hire like Frank Smith, who fans are familiar with already.

Smith was with the Chargers in 2021 as the offensive line coach and run game coordinator before he was elevated to offensive coordinator with the Miami Dolphins. Smith was responsible for the best offensive line the Chargers have had in over a decade while also producing a run game that would make this current run game blush.

He has not been the main offensive mind in Miami, as that goes to Mike McDaniel, but he is a well-respected coach throughout the league that is going to get a chance sooner rather than later. Because of his familiarity with LA, as well as the fact that he would be cheap, Smith is a likely candidate for the Bolts.

Plus, while he coaches the offensive side of the ball, Smith would likely be more of a CEO-type head coach who doesn't call plays and leaves that to his coordinators. Because of that, Smith could be an option to hire specifically if the team wants to keep Kellen Moore around.