5 compelling Chargers head coach candidates to replace Brandon Staley (ranked)

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The Brandon Staley 2.0 Chargers candidate: Dan Quinn

Unfortunately, we live in a world where Dan Quinn has to be considered a candidate to replace Brandon Staley as the Chargers head coach. Speculation about Quinn being a target started with NFL insider Benjamin Albright and where there is smoke, there is often fire.

Quinn has become a hot name in the coaching cycle as the Dallas Cowboys have had one of the best defenses in the sport since he showed up. While Quinn's tenure with Dallas is impressive, some guys are meant to be good coordinators and that is it.

Quinn was not great as a head coach his first time around as his Atlanta Falcons were carried by Kyle Shanahan's offense and had a top-10 defense just once in his tenure. Plus, Quinn had the worst loss in NFL history in the Super Bowl, which should naturally scare the Chargers.

All this being said, there definitely is a case to make for Quinn and it would not be totally surprising if the Chargers talked themselves into him. In theory, he could come in and coach alongside Kellen Moore (if the Chargers were retaining him) because of their experience together in Dallas.

Additionally, Moore has previous NFL head coaching experience and would not be another first-time head coach hire. The Chargers have sold themselves on a defensive-minded head coach before and unfortunately for the fans, we cannot rule out them doing it again.