5 compelling Chargers head coach candidates to replace Brandon Staley (ranked)

Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports
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The extremely unlikely big-name Chargers candidate: Bill Belichick

Bill Belichick makes this list but he is easily the least likely of the five compelling candidates. Belichick being included in any form would have seemed asinine six months ago but a lot has changed as the 2023 season has gone along.

The New England Patriots have been downright awful and with Belichick struggling to succeed post-Tom Brady, there is a lot of speculation that Robert Kraft may want to move on after the season. As such, NFL pundits have circled the Chargers as a potential destination if that does happen.

First of all, it still seems very unlikely that the Patriots would move on from Belichick, regardless of how bad this season goes. Belichick reportedly agreed to an extension before the 2023 season. If the Patriots have a chance to get someone like Caleb Williams then ownership should want Belichick to be there to coach him.

Plus, even if Belichick and the Patriots do part ways it is really hard to see the notoriously cheap Spanos family forking over the money it would take. It seems far more likely for a team with new ownership, like the Washington Commanders, to make a bold hire like this.

It definitely is not impossible but Chargers fans should not be expecting Belichick to be Staley's eventual replacement.