Chargers may have no real chance at Bill Belichick because of one particular GM

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Shockwaves were sent throughout the NFL on Thursday morning when it was announced that the New England Patriots and Bill Belichick were parting ways. Belichick does not have any intentions of retiring yet, so the biggest storyline instantly became where he would coach next. As the only open job with a franchise quarterback, the LA Chargers have naturally become a suggested fit for Belichick.

There are other teams in the running such as the Atlanta Falcons and Washington Commanders that might be more desperate to hire Belichick. After all, the Chargers are still tied up in the Jim Harbaugh sweepstakes and also should have legitimate concerns about hiring Belichick.

Predicting where Belichick is going to land is very tough considering that very few people actually thought he would be available this offseason. As surprising as it is, though, there is one big tell that could give away Belichick's future; the future Hall of Fame coach could follow a very specific general manager this offseason.

Adam Peters may ultimately decide if Bill Belichick coaches the Chargers

Adam Peters is one of the hottest names in the general manager cycle right now. Peters is currently the assistant general manager of the San Francisco 49ers and has some deep ties to Belichick and his potential offensive coordinator.

Peters got his start as a scout with the New England Patriots. Peters was brought in 2003 and was with the organization through 2008, when he left to join the Denver Broncos scouting team. Peters left New England so that he could follow Josh McDaniels when he got his first head coaching job.

Peters lasted in Denver longer than McDaniels did, moving up in the organization and staying there through 2016. Then, in 2017, Peters was brought into the San Francisco front office and worked his way up there as well.

Belichick had complete roster control in New England and with how bad that went towards the end, his new team may not want to give him that kind of control. However, a way for Belichick to still have a degree of roster control is to work with a GM that he is familiar with. That is why Peters may end up being so important.

It is also interesting to note which job Peters seems like the favorite for. Peters interviewed for the head of football operations job in Washington and is considered a finalist for the role. If Peters were to get that job, he could theoretically bring Belichick in (with McDaniels as OC) to be the head coach/GM that he was in New England.

The Chargers and Raiders have also expressed interest in interviewing Peters but the Washington job ultimately seems like the most likely for Peters. With the Commanders being a rumored destination for Belichick already, this could be the perfect storm that keeps him out of LA.

And Chargers fans should be fine with that. The team is better off hiring a different coach that does not want as much roster control, and hasn't had as bad of a track record in recent years. If Belichick goes to Washington because of Peters then so be it.

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