Chargers could make genius draft trade after missing out on Marvin Harrison Jr.

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With the fifth pick in a quarterback-heavy draft the LA Chargers have the opportunity to land the best non-quarterback prospect available. There is a situation in which the top four picks of the draft are all quarterbacks and the Chargers end up with the best wide receiver prospect in recent memory, Marvin Harrison Jr.

That is not a guarantee, however. For that to happen the Arizona Cardinals would have to trade down out of the fourth pick to a quarterback-hungry team. There are rumors that Arizona may be considering that path, but it certainly is not a guarantee that the Bolts will end up with Harrison.

Some don't think that Harrison will make it past the fourth pick, especially considering the Cardinals are one of just two teams who he conducted a top-30 visit with. While that would be disappointing for the Bolts, it could open the door for another stellar situation to present itself with the New York Giants.

Chargers trading back with Giants may have real legs

As Dan Schneier of CBS Sports outlines above, the feel leading into the draft right now is that Harrison will go fourth and the Chargers won't have the chance to take him with the fifth pick. However, depending on what happens with the third pick, it may open the door for the Chargers to make a genius trade back.

Schneier outlines a possibility where the Giants' quarterback of choice is available after the Cardinals take Harrison with the fourth pick. That opens the door for the Chargers to get creative, and pick up extra draft capital simply for moving one spot back in the draft.

This kind of trade has happened before, most recently happening in the 2017 NFL Draft when the Chicago Bears traded up one spot with the San Francisco 49ers for Mitchell Trubisky. The logic is simple: the Chargers can dangle the fifth pick to another quarterback-hungry team like the Minnesota Vikings, forcing the Giants to give up capital to move up one spot and draft a quarterback who the Chargers never would have drafted to begin with.

This would allow the Chargers to pick up an extra pick (in this case a third-round pick) and still take the second-best receiver in the class, Malik Nabers. Out of all the possible scenarios for the Bolts in the draft, this is the one that can give both sides of the argument what they want.

The Chargers would get another valuable pick to build out the depth of the roster but would not be passing on the chance to add a wide receiver who may not be Harrison, but can still be franchise-altering. It truly is a win-win across the board.

As great as Harrison would be in powder blue, knowing that this is a possibility should give Chargers fans more hope that the team will hit a home run in the first round regardless.