5 free agents the Chargers could sign after the 2023 NFL Draft

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Free agent the Chargers could sign after 2023 NFL Draft: 4. Logan Ryan

We did say that we were reserving one free agent per position and Logan Ryan technically is a safety, so we are breaking our own rules. That being said, Ryan can be so much more than just a pigeon-holed safety for the Chargers so it makes sense to include him as he can be a versatile weapon in Staley's defense.

Ryan is by no means playing at peak form as he was one of the better slot corners in the league when he was at his best. While those days might be behind him, he does still add a lot of value to a defense as a veteran rotational piece that can play in certain circumstances.

What makes Ryan such an intriguing possibility for the Chargers is his ability to play all over the field. He has played more safety as his career has gone on but the 32-year-old can also play at slot corner and in the box.

Ryan only played nine games in 2022 but in his 15 games in 2021 he showed his versatility. According to Pro Football Focus, Ryan played 527 snaps at free safety, 209 snaps in the box, 187 snaps at slot corner and even 51 snaps on the defensive line.

Staley loves himself a chess piece that he can move around the defense and even use as a blitzer in designed packages. And while his coverage might be taking steps back with age, he is still one of the best run-defending defensive backs in the league, so that is worth the cheap one-year contract alone.