5 free agents the Chargers could sign after the 2023 NFL Draft

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Free agent the Chargers could sign after 2023 NFL Draft: 3. Leonard Floyd

The LA Chargers addressed the need for edge-rushing depth in the 2023 NFL Draft as the team took USC's Tuli Tuipulotu. Los Angeles taking an EDGE player in the first three rounds of the draft was a guarantee and they landed a solid one at that in Tuipulotu.

While the team is undoubtedly happy with its second-round prospect, it would not be crazy to suggest that the Chargers might add one more option to the position. That could come via an UDFA but it also could come via a veteran like Leonard Floyd.

The reason why Floyd should at least be considered is because of his connections with Staley. That has proven to be a very valuable thing during Staley's tenure as head coach and that alone could get him in the building to be a Charger.

Floyd is by no means the player he once was but as a rotational pass rusher off the edge he could still add value. There is no such thing as having too much depth on the defensive line and adding Floyd would help that cause.

Tuipulotu also might end up playing a decent number of snaps on the inside as a defensive end in Staley's 3-4 defense. Adding another option like Floyd just gives the team more flexibility to be creative with their rookie pass rusher.