5 free agents the Chargers could sign after the 2023 NFL Draft

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Free agent the Chargers could sign after 2023 NFL Draft: 2. Ezekiel Elliott

I know some fans might roll their eyes at the idea of the LA Chargers signing Ezekiel Elliott and I understand why. Elliott became extremely overpaid by the Dallas Cowboys and was the figurehead of the bad running back contracts that teams were handing out.

While it is true that he was very overpaid and was not worth the salary he was making, it does not make him a bad running back. Overpaid and bad are two different things and Elliott still has something to offer a team, even if he is past his prime.

The future is unclear for Austin Ekeler and with the 2023 NFL Draft in the past we could theoretically see his market heat up with teams more willing to trade future capital. Even if Ekeler is not dealt, though, it would not be a bad thing to add more depth in the running back room.

Behind Ekeler the Chargers have a solid rotation back who cannot catch (Joshua Kelley), a second-year running back who was not NFL-ready at all in year one (Isaiah Spiller) and a special teams back who very obviously isn't cut out for a role in an NFL running back room (Larry Rountree).

The Chargers can do better than that and while Elliott might be a polarizing name for fans, he would absolutely improve the outlook of the running back position without costing much.