4 Chargers free agents that will be replaced in 2023 NFL Draft

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Jalen Guyton

There are two receivers on this list because the Chargers should be drafting two receivers in the 2023 NFL Draft. Los Angeles took this approach in 2020 and while it did not work with Joe Reed and K.J. Hill, taking the same approach in 2023 is probably the way to go.

This team desperately needs wide receiver depth and it does not seem like Tom Telesco is in any kind of hurry to bring in a veteran receiver this offseason. If there is not going to be veteran help then the need for a second receiver in the draft is massive. Heck, even with a veteran receiver it would not hurt the team to draft two wideouts to have six on the active roster.

With the two receivers the Chargers are drafting there are multiple boxes that need to be checked. First, it would be nice for the team to draft someone who they believe can blossom into a larger role in the future. With that in mind, they need to add at least one player to help in special teams and another that can add speed to the offense.

Those two needs may intersect into one player and the other receiver that is drafted might be more of a well-rounded receiver, like Jordan Addison, for example. Or those two needs could present themselves in different players.

Regardless, there needs to be at least one dynamic speed threat that can challenge the deep part of the field and you cannot blame the Chargers if they move on from Guyton. As promising as he is as a depth receiver, his no. 1 skill was his speed and there is no telling how that looks after a torn ACL.

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