4 Chargers free agents that will be replaced in 2023 NFL Draft

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Kyle Van Noy

Kyle Van Noy was one of the prominent players that saved the Chargers' season in 2022. The Chargers had a defensive resurgence in the second half of the 2022 season and Van Noy was a big part of it, going five consecutive games with a sack.

Van Noy was thrust into playing more edge rusher than the team probably had in mind when Joey Bosa tore his groin in Week 3. This revealed the shocking lack of depth on the edge as Van Noy, who was probably meant to play more inside linebacker, pretty much became a full-time edge rusher.

While he had a solid stretch last year, the Chargers still have not re-signed him and at this point it seems unlikely that the team does. Instead, the Chargers would be better off drafting a third edge rusher for multiple reasons.

Drafting someone would not only give the team more depth at the position but if LA drafts an edge rusher early enough then it will give them their Khalil Mack replacement. Mack is likely entering his last season with the Bolts as his 2023 cap hit is insane, especially for his age.

Getting someone in the building now that can provide the depth that Van Noy provides while also being the next man in line for a starting job presents a great harmony between balancing the present and the future with the roster.