4 remaining free agents who the Chargers could sign to bolster roster

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Cam Fleming makes sense for the Chargers

If the Chargers do not draft a wide receiver in the first round of the 2024 NFL Draft then the next-best option (according to most fans) is a tackle. Granted, Trey Pipkins is making just under $9 million next season and the Chargers probably won't spend that much money on a swing tackle.

The Chargers could (and should) take a depth offensive lineman late in the 2024 NFL Draft but that should not stop the team from adding at least one more veteran. Like at safety, the Chargers are not going to land anyone super impactful but they can at least build out the room to be in a healthier position.

Of the options available, Cam Fleming makes the most sense due to his versatility and experience playing on both sides of the line. Fleming has played over 1,100 snaps in his career at left tackle and over 2,600 snaps at right tackle. That experience makes him valuable as a swing tackle that can play on either side.

Fleming has not had the best numbers throughout his career but he actually played quite well in a small sample size with the Denver Broncos last season. Fleming had a 98% pass-blocking efficiency rate, allowing just three pressures in 80 pass-blocking snaps.

That is certainly good enough if the Chargers need him to fill in and make two starts in the case of an injury.