3 Chargers free agents who left that fans will miss and 2 that they won't

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Will miss: Breiden Fehoko

The king of bad food takes on Chargers Twitter will be taking his talents to Pittsburgh, where he does not have to worry about coming across an In-N-Out Burger. Breiden Fehoko signed a one-year deal with the Pittsburgh Steelers after the Chargers non-tendered him early in the offseason.

Fehoko was not the only the player that was non-tendered by the Bolts as tight end Donald Parham was also given the same treatment. However, this led to a two-year deal for Parham and the Chargers, whereas it resulted in Fehoko leaving the team.

It is a shame to see how Fehoko's career with the Chargers panned out and it can make you wonder if something negative was going on behind the scenes. Because on the field, Fehoko did everything in his power to get more playing time for the Bolts.

Fehoko proved that he can be a legitimately good run defender in his limited snaps in 2021 and in the preseason. It seemed like the team finally came around to that as Fehoko made the initial 53-man roster last season. Then he was a healthy scratch for Week 1 and was waived to make room for Christian Covington.

It was roster manipulation by the Chargers at Fehoko's expense. He came back on the practice squad and eventually got a chance to play again when injuries plagued the defensive line. And just like he did before, Fehoko proved that he can be an impact player. Sure, he does not add much pass-rushing value, but his value as a first-down run stuffer was obviously there.

Non-tendering Fehoko made sense as it would have paid him over his market value. However, letting him walk put a final bow on his weird tenure in LA in which the team never seemed to full buy into him. Chargers fans will miss him for his solid run-stuffing presence and his awful food takes.