3 Chargers free agents who left that fans will miss and 2 that they won't

Los Angeles Chargers v San Francisco 49ers
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The LA Chargers have not had as exciting of an offseason as a year ago but there has still been a lot of activity around the team during free agency. Los Angeles was able to create cap space to bring back several prominent free agents but others, for one reason or another, ended up signing elsewhere.

Not every free agent that signs with another team should be considered a massive loss. Sometimes these players are due for natural regression as they get older and other times, the team already has a contingency plan in place.

Chargers fans had to say goodbye to several free agents already in the offseason with more potentially on the way. Some of those free agents will naturally be missed throughout the 2023 season. But that is not the case for all.

3 Chargers free agents that fans will miss, 2 that they won't:

Will miss: Troy Reeder

Let's start with the smaller free agents first, shall we? The linebacker room has been in flux this offseason (more on that later) and the Bolts lost a key depth piece to Eric Kendricks' former team, the Minnesota Vikings.

Troy Reeder signed a minimum deal with Minnesota and while it would have been great for the Chargers to get that done, Reeder was likely pursuing a situation in which he could get more playing time. That is completely understandable as he did not get many defensive snaps last season.

That is a shame though as Reeder was really solid in the chances he did get. Reeder had to play against the Kansas City Chiefs and rose to the occasion, putting together one of the best games in pass coverage that a Chargers linebacker had all season.

His value extended past that, though, as Reeder was a very valuable member of Ryan Ficken's special teams unit. That presence will be missed more so than the depth he provided on defense.