3 Chargers free agents who may be forced into retirement

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Dean Marlowe

Dean Marlowe ended up starting four games for the Chargers at the safety position in 2023 as the defense was riddled with injuries. To be fair to Marlowe, he played better than most fans expected and at least kept things afloat while he was getting playing time.

Marlowe ended up playing in 16 of the Chargers' 17 games and logged 297 defensive snaps with 258 special teams snaps. He was by no means a massive contributor for the Bolts, but he blossomed into a familiar name that played a bigger role than anticipated.

All that being said, the writing is on the wall for Marlowe when it comes to his future in the league. After playing 700 defensive snaps in 2021 the veteran safety has played fewer than 300 snaps in each of the last two seasons. If it was not for the Chargers, Marlowe probably would not have seen NFL playing time this past season.

Marlowe is going to be 32 years old next season so he does not have the benefit of being a young player with untapped potential. He is past his NFL prime, which was never that impactful to begin with.

There is a chance that Marlowe could get a practice squad spot somewhere, especially with Brandon Staley now on the San Francisco 49ers' coaching staff. But it is really hard to see a team dedicating a 53-man roster spot to the veteran safety after 2023.