3 big-name free agents the Chargers could sign after restructures

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2. Dalton Schultz

This is the big name that many Chargers fans are talking about. There is a lot of speculation about the Bolts drafting a tight end early in the 2023 NFL Draft and instead of doing that, perhaps the team is freeing up the money to pay Dalton Schultz to be Justin Herbert's new starting tight end.

There definitely are reasons for the Chargers to do this. It is clear that Tom Telesco and Brandon Staley are all-in on winning and keeping their jobs and Schultz is the biggest offensive addition that the team could realistically make this offseason.

Schultz has his ties to Kellen Moore and that makes this signing even more likely. Connections mean the world in the NFL and the chance to follow Moore and catch passes from Justin Herbert might be too good for Schultz to pass up.

It definitely is up to debate whether or not this is the best path of action for the Chargers. Is it worth committing big money to a tight end and spending all of the team's newfound free-agency budget? Some fans may say no. But this definitely seems far more likely based on what the Chargers have done thus far.

Schultz is projected to get a four-year contract worth $14.5 million per year. If the Bolts backload the deal they could make his cap hit around $10 million in 2023, giving the team another $9.3 million to spend on re-signing players.