4 viable free agents still on the market with ties to the Chargers

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2. EDGE Leonard Floyd

There seems to be a good chance that the LA Chargers draft an edge rusher somewhat early in the 2023 NFL Draft. The 2023 season is likely going to be Khalil Mack's last in the powder blue after the team's bold contract restructures this offseason so drafting his successor now should be a motivation.

Plus, the team lacks true edge-rushing depth to really rely on. The singular force that held the ship together last year was Kyle Van Noy, who is still a free agent and might not be re-signed. Even if he is re-signed, the Chargers can't fully trust in him having the same kind of late-season surge as he did in 2022.

If by the off chance that the LA Chargers don't take an edge rusher early in the draft then they could peruse the free-agent market and bring in someone like Leonard Floyd. Floyd does not offer the same long-term benefit as a draft pick but he could offer an immediate bandage to help add depth.

Floyd was with Staley back in his Chicago Bears days at the same time as Khalil Mack. Floyd then reunited with Staley in 2020 with the Rams, where he had the best season of his entire career.

At this point in his career, he is nothing more than a rotational pass-rusher and that is fine. Injuries are bound to happen and having multiple pass-rushing options in the front seven should be the goal of every team looking to contend. Floyd would help accomplish that goal.