4 viable free agents still on the market with ties to the Chargers

Los Angeles Chargers v Cleveland Browns
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The LA Chargers made several great moves during the first wave of free agency and fans now have a much better idea of what the roster is going to look like for the 2023 season. That being said, more moves can still be made.

Los Angeles still has spending space to add more depth to the roster and we might see the team take a similar approach as last year. Brandon Staley and Tom Telesco saved their complementary roster moves until after the draft once they had a better idea of what the final needs on the roster were.

Arguably the two best of those signings were players with ties to Brandon Staley in Morgan Fox and Bryce Callahan. It worked last year, so perhaps the team will pursue someone with ties once more.

4 free agents still on the market with ties to the LA Chargers:

1. S John Johnson III

John Johnson III is the most obvious candidate to potentially be pursued by the LA Chargers. It did not take long for reports to surface that the Bolts were interested in Johnson, who had a career year with Staley when he was the defensive coordinator of the LA Rams in 2020.

Nothing has happened yet and it simply could be the same situation as last year. On paper, Johnson makes all the sense in the world for the Chargers and it might be a matter of when not if.

His experience in Staley's defense is extremely beneficial and his versatility would be much welcomed in this secondary. He is still young and his downswing in Cleveland shouldn't be overly worrying on a one-year deal. Plus, the fact that he was released means he does not factor into the compensatory pick calculus.

Johnson is the favorite to be signed but he is not the only free agent with ties to the Chargers that might be signed.