2 free agents the LA Chargers can steal from the Las Vegas Raiders

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Johnathan Hankins, Justin Jackson
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2. Johnathan Hankins

This would be an example of the LA Chargers signing someone who struggled last season and hoping that they re-find their footing in a chance of scenery. Defensive tackle Johnathan Hankins had perhaps the worst year of his career last season and for whatever reason did not do well in Gus Bradley's defense.

However, before that, Hankins was a valuable defensive talent who could help reset the line of scrimmage. He has never been an elite pass-rusher, although he has been fine and his bread and butter has always been in stopping the run.

Hankins' value is at an all-time low coming off of the 2021 season and the Chargers could capitalize that and try and spin it into a cheap, one-year deal. The Bolts should not get in a bidding war for Hankins nor sign him for anything more than a cheap two-year deal that they can get out of if needed.

As a depth piece, Hankins could bring real value to the LA Chargers. Obviously, he is not going to be the signing at defensive tackle because if he was that would be a mistake. However, if he is brought in as a rotational piece for cheap to play alongside Sebastian Joseph-Day, a draft pick, Justin Jones and Jerry Tillery then suddenly the Bolts are looking solid.

This is where Tom Telesco has struggled as a GM. He rarely finds those hidden gems for cheap and the team's depth has struggled as a result. To build a rounded-out team you have to draft solid contributors late in the draft as well as make savvy signings like this for depth.

If it does not work out then the Chargers will have other options and will not be completely burned by Hankins. If he returns to his 2020 form then he could very well fight for the starting role in LA.