3 starting free-agent right tackles that the Chargers can still afford

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David Quessenberry
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1. David Quessenberry

If you are someone who constantly reads Bolt Beat then there is a good chance that you already know all about David Quessenberry. The Tennessee Titans decided to non-tender the veteran right tackle and we broke down his ties to the Chargers and why he could be a fit.

Quessenberry's brother Scott is a backup interior offensive lineman for the Bolts, naturally creating that connection. Not only does his brother play for the Chargers but Scott also grew up a massive fan of the Chargers. Unless David had different football opinions, there may be a chance for him to suit up on his childhood team with his brother.

He is already going to come at a low cost but those two factors could lead to Quessenberry giving the Bolts a bit of a discount, making it all the more worthwhile.

Quessenberry is far from being an elite pass-blocking right tackle as he had a pass-block efficiency rate of 95.5% last season. While that is not terrible, it is certainly far from the top of the list. It is better than Storm Norton, though, which is important.

However, the Chargers really showcased good blocking schemes last season and can elevate Quessenberry's game. He still won't be elite, but if the Chargers can get an average pass-blocking right tackle out of him then that would be great.

That would be great because Quessenberry is really good at run blocking on the edge. The Chargers love to motion tight ends to either side of the line and run at the edge and Quessenberry would give the team more flexibility to run to both sides.