4 free agent tight ends the LA Chargers could sign to replace Jared Cook

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2. David Njoku

David Njoku is no. 1 on my personal wishlist and he is someone who I have been eyeballing for the LA Chargers for quite some time now. Heck, after the Chargers let Hunter Henry walk last season I was pounding the table for the team to trade a late-round draft pick for Njoku.

They didn't but now the Chargers have the chance to sign him without the pick. The Browns are deep at tight end and likely are not going to spend on Njoku. Plus, Njoku is going to want to go to a team that provides him more opportunities to prove his worth.

The Bolts are going to have to spend a bit to get Njoku's services but he should not be out of reach or even close to Hunter Henry territory. Spotrac estimates Njoku's value to be at $6.9 million and it is not far-fetched to see him agreeing to a three-year, $21 million deal this offseason. Would the Chargers be willing to pay that? Depends who else they are targeting.

Njoku would be such a good addition to this team. He has the skillset to turn into one of the great tight ends in this league and if he is utilized like Jared Cook was as the TE1 then he could put up some seriously big numbers on the Chargers.

His pass-catching ability is seriously overlooked (just look at his 2018 season before he got hurt in 2019) and he has really come around as a quality blocking tight end as well. I do believe that Njoku is going to be the steal of free agency and as long as he gets a proper TE1 job, he will ball out in 2022.