Chargers: Dissecting the anti-Mike Williams argument

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Mike Williams - American Football Wide Receiver - Born 1994, L'Jarius Sneed
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2. The LA Chargers can spend that money elsewhere!

Okay, sure. This point is true. The LA Chargers can spend the $17-18 million or so this season on other parts of the roster. Great. What are they spending it on? Is the team going to completely forego the wide receiver position and solely spend on defense, leaving their star quarterback without his second-best target from 2021?

The problem with this argument is that all of the plan Bs have their inherent risks that are far riskier than simply re-signing Williams for what he is worth. Let's break down all of the 'plan Bs' that I have seen.

Plan B no. 1: Sign a cheaper wide receiver (Michael Gallup, D.J. Chark + a cheap veteran)

This one I feel wrong for even addressing. Instead of spending $18 million on Mike Williams, some would rather see the team spend slightly less (around $10-12 million) on someone like Michael Gallup or D.J. Chark and then also bring in a cheap veteran.

What sounds better: Mike Williams and a mid-round pick like Justyn Ross that the team can have for $1 million for the next four years OR Gallup/Chark and a cheap veteran like DeSean Jackson that they can have for one year for around $4 million?

I don't even need to answer. If you have a problem with paying Williams $17-18 million then I will never understand how you can justify spending the same amount on worse receivers.

Plan b no. 2: Let Williams walk, draft a wide receiver

Again, great on paper but risky. The first risk is the fact that the Chargers would have to make sure there are no other pressing holes on the roster heading into the draft. With that extra money, they have to find a starting right tackle, cornerback, defensive tackle and tight end. News flash: J.C. Jackson probably isn't coming to LA and the right tackle market is slim.

Even if they fix all of those holes that they otherwise could target in round one, there is no guarantee that a first-round receiver would be what Williams is to this team. Sure, there are guys like Justin Jefferson that have been taken in the mid-to-late first round. But for every Jefferson, there is a Jalen Reagor, Kadarius Toney, Rashad Bateman, K'Neal Harry.

If the Chargers don't hit a home run on a receiver they are completely screwed because...

Plan b no. 3: Elevate Joshua Palmer to WR2

I love Joshua Palmer. I have purchased Joshua Palmer rookie autographed cards on eBay. He did not show nearly enough in 2021 to justify elevating him to such a big role in 2022. I can already see everyone complaining on Twitter in Week 12 when nobody can get open because the Chargers got cheap and overestimated Palmer.