5 low-cost free agents the Chargers can sign to bolster the roster

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Alohi Gilman

The last low-cost free agent that the Chargers should look to sign is an in-house free agent. Alohi Gilman finally got the chance to start an entire season at the safety position in 2023 and he proved that he probably should have been starting all along.

Gilman is by no means an elite safety but there were moments in 2023 where he was the most polished player on the field. That is not to say that he will be mistake-free or will be a Pro Bowler but he is simply a solid presence that deserves to stick around and reap the reward of Jesse Minter coming to town.

The safety market is loaded with talent and big names after several of the roster cuts. With that market dilution, Gilman (who certainly is not a prominent name) is going to naturally see his signing price go down. The Chargers are much better off bringing back an internal free agent for cheap than signing an older, veteran free agent for more money.

Re-signing Gilman would not hurt the compensatory formula at all and he likely is not going to sign for enough with another team to get a pick. At most, Gilman would maybe net the Chargers a seventh-round compensatory pick and that simply is not worth it. Re-signing Gilman is more valuable than getting a pick in the 250s.