Projecting the 7 biggest contracts for LA Chargers free agents

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Kyzir White
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Kyzir White contract projection: Four years, $35 million ($21 million guaranteed)

This is a contract that I have gone back and forth on and have landed at several different numbers on. However, after looking at recent contracts given to similar inside linebackers, I landed at a number that makes sense for White and the team that would be paying him. White signs a four-year deal that pays him $8.75 million per season.

This is another PFF contract projection that I vary from. PFF only projects White to get a two-year, $9 million deal. While that would be great for the LA Chargers, recent history with linebackers indicates that he will get more than that.

I could see White only getting three-year offers instead of a four-year contract, though. If that happens the salary will be the same and instead of a four-year, $35 million deal with $20 million guaranteed he would get a three-year, $26.25 million deal with $15 million or so guaranteed.

The contract comparison that we used to get to this number is Jordan Hicks. Hicks signed a four-year, $34 million contract with $20 million guaranteed prior to the 2019 season. I originally thought I landed at a four-year, $36 million deal for the White so I met in the middle with Hicks' contract.

Hicks was in a very similar place as White when he signed that deal with Arizona. He was coming off of his fourth season in the league in which was his best year. Hicks did miss four games but was really good in the 12 games that he played. The following season he recorded 150 tackles in a full season, which is close to White's 144 from this year.