3 free agents the LA Chargers could steal from the Kansas City Chiefs

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Mike Boone, Charvarius Ward
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2. Charvarius Ward

Charvarius Ward is not going to be the savior of the secondary if the LA Chargers were to sign him. The Bolts need secondary depth this offseason and Ward, if signed, would just be part of a much bigger puzzle that Brandon Staley and Tom Telesco are putting together.

The best version of Staley's defense is one that has a deep secondary room full of versatile pieces that can play man coverage. The Chargers' secondary depth was woeful last season and it was on full display with the injuries the team suffered. That should be a wakeup call to build out the depth of the secondary.

Charvarius Ward would be a cheap signing to help build out that depth. While he is by no means an elite corner, he had his moments with the Kansas City Chiefs and his overall numbers are not bad, allowing just a 77 passer rating when targeted. Sure, he had some ugly moments against Ja'Marr Chase, but the Chargers would not be asking him to line up against one of the best receivers in the NFL.

Ward is a man-coverage corner who could play both out wide and in the slot. Even if he is not the most versatile corner there is, having him for depth allows the team to better utilize the verastile pieces that it does have.

If the Chargers add Ward, add a true CB1 in the draft or free agency and then add another CB/S/LB hybrid then the secondary suddenly looks much better than it did last season.