4 teams who could steal Andre Roberts from the Chargers in free agency

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4. Cincinnati Bengals

We are just touching on all of the playoff teams at this point, aren't we? The Cincinnati Bengals would really benefit from bringing Andre Roberts in free agency. The Bengals struggled on returns in 2021, have two different players splitting kickoffs and punts (typically a bad sign) and absolutely have the money to spend in free agency.

The Bengals ranked 24th in the NFL in yards per kickoff return this season by averaging 20.06 yards per return. The team's main kickoff return man is third-string running back Chris Evans, who really is not that dynamic of a player with the ball in his hands.

Currently returning punts for the Bengals is backup wide receiver Trent Taylor. He too leaves more to be desired. Taylor was not even the main return man for the Bengals this season, that was cornerback Darius Phillips (who was put on the IR). Phillips ranked 24th (out of 26 returners) in yards per punt return.

Funny enough, Andre Roberts actually ranked dead last in that statistic with only four yards per punt return. However, we all saw that Roberts had virtually no time to work with and usually just waved for a fair catch. The Chargers ranked second to last in total punts fielded.

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Roberts would add juice to both areas for the Bengals and the Bengals might be an intriguing destination for Roberts to go. They are a playoff team with a decent amount of cap space to spend and give him a contract at or above market value.