4 teams who could steal Andre Roberts from the Chargers in free agency

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Andre Roberts is one of the best in-season acquisitions that the LA Chargers have made in recent memory. The Bolts have struggled overall in special teams over the last few years and Roberts gave the team its best returner since Darren Sproles was on the team.

Roberts is a free agent this offseason and the Chargers cannot allow him to walk away after finally finding a return man that can put the team in good field position. While he is not going to get a big contract, he is still one of the most important upcoming free agents on the Chargers.

Because of his success, there are going to be several teams vying for the veteran return man.

Here are 4 teams that could steal Andre Roberts from the LA Chargers in free agency:

1. Miami Dolphins

The Miami Dolphins are the only team in the league that is projected to have more cap space than the LA Chargers this season, not that it necessarily matters in Roberts' case. He is not going to get a huge deal or anything.

However, that gives the Dolphins a spending mindset and they absolutely may look to bring in a return man as part of their free-agent spending this offseason. While Roberts' contract won't be huge, the Chargers still have to be careful to not overpay him and the Dolphins might be a team that pushes him to that price.

The Dolphins ranked 31st in the NFL in yards per kickoff return in 2021 with the longest return being a 31-yard return. The team simply did not have a return game this season and with a quarterback who is a game-manager, that made a difference. Roberts would be a great addition for Miami.