Re-Grading the Chargers 2022 free agency signings one year later

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TE Gerald Everett: 2 years, $12.3 million ($8 million guaranteed)

Gerald Everett set a single-season career high in yards (555) and receptions (58) after he was signed to take over Jared Cook's role for 2022. For just a $4 million dollar cap hit, that has to be considered pretty solid value. He was also a much better blocker than Cook by comparison.

The most important aspect of the Everett contract is that it gives the Chargers some flexibility. They can have him back in 2023 as the lead tight end in the room. They could also bring him back while drafting a Dalton Kincaid or Michael Mayer early. Alternatively, they could release him and save $4.25 million.

In terms of balancing what the Chargers immediately needed at the position in 2022 with what they want to do long term, Everett's contract was pretty solid.

Gerald Everett signing grade: B+

EDGE Kyle Van Noy: 1 year, $2.3 million ($2.3 million guaranteed)

Through the first nine games of the season, the Kyle Van Noy signing wasn't looking great. In trying to step up as EDGE 3 as the team played without Joey Bosa, the former Patriot only had 10 pressures in his first nine games with zero sacks.

But in the back half of the season, Van Noy turned it on and made the contract the Chargers gave him well worth it. Over the last two months of the season, he had 22 pressures and five sacks rushing mostly opposite of Khalil Mack.

The unfortunate part of Van Noy turning it around like he did over the back half of the season is that it may have priced him out of the Chargers' price range going forward. EDGE depth is really valuable around the league and the Chargers are already paying Bosa and Mack upwards of a combined $45+ million cap hit.

But solely grading him on 2022, the signing would have to be considered a success. His total production was better than any Chargers' 3rd option pass rusher they've had since 2020 with Uchenna Nwosu.

Kyle Van Noy signing grade: B