Chargers fans are already scared of the Vikings after Thursday Night Football

Minnesota Vikings v Philadelphia Eagles
Minnesota Vikings v Philadelphia Eagles / Mitchell Leff/GettyImages

The Minnesota Vikings lost to the Philadelphia Eagles on Thursday Night Football in Week 2 in a game that LA Chargers fans were certainly paying attention to. Los Angeles is on the road to play the Tennessee Titans in Week 2 and will be back on the road in Week 3 to take on the Vikings.

Minnesota (predictably) is not having the same amount of success that the team had last season. The Vikings' historic (for lack of a better word) luck in one-score games has not carried over into 2023 as the Vikings are 0-2 with two losses by one score.

And all that being said, Chargers fans are still already worrying about Minnesota before the team takes on the Titans. Even in a loss on Thursday Night Football, the Vikings showed that they have one of the most dangerous passing offenses in the league. That is worrisome for a Chargers team that just let up over 500 yards (over 400 passing) in Week 1 against the Miami Dolphins.

The Chargers just played a quarterback who has a polarizing following and is considered by some to be great and others to be bad. That quarterback has one of the best receivers in the sport and an offensive head coach. There are a lot of similarities to the Vikings.

Chargers beating the Titans in Week 2 is much more important after Vikings fall 0-2

It sounds trivial but the Chargers would almost be better off if the Vikings had pulled this win out at the last second. With a loss, the Vikings are now 0-2 on the season and are going to be very desperate to pick up a win in Week 3.

If there was ever a kitchen sink game for the Vikings it is going to be in Week 3. It is going to be hard to dig out of a 0-3 hole, especially now that Minnesota is playing a first-place schedule. The team knows this and is going to bring everything against the Chargers.

The Bolts need to avoid being in the same boat as the Vikings. If the Chargers lose in Week 2 to the Titans then we will see two playoff teams from a year ago that already feel like they are playing for their postseason life in Week 3.

It seems a bit early to declare this but if the Chargers do not beat the Titans in Week 2 then the Vikings game in Week 3 very well could be a loser leaves town match.