3 things Chargers fans should be very concerned about after Chiefs loss

Los Angeles Chargers v Kansas City Chiefs
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3. Sebastian Joseph-Day's level of play through 2 games

The Chargers' new-look defense has been everything it was advertised to be and more thus far this season. The Bolts held an explosive Raiders offense to only 19 points in Week 1 with three takeaways and then did really well against a dynamic Chiefs offense in Week 2.

While the Chiefs scored 27 points in the game, seven came on the defensive side of the ball and 17 of the 20 offensive points came after a should-be interception by the Chargers. It is impossible to not be pleased with the defense thus far.

That being said, one of the new additions has not quite found hit footing yet in Sebastian Joseph-Day. Joseph-Day has been really bad through two games thus far to the point where it is concerning. It would be one thing if he was just mediocre but he has been downright bad.

Granted, SJD is a really talented player and there is a good chance that he turns it around. We definitely are not ruling that out and that probably is the more likely outcome. However, it still is hard to not be concerned with his play thus far.

According to Pro Football Focus, SJD has made only one run stop on 23 run defense snaps this season without generating a single pressure on the quarterback. The tape matches the stats, as SJD really has not done much of anything.

There are some reasons to be worried about this stat line compared to his previous production. First of all, SJD has never put together a large snap count in a season. He has been good in spurts, but it is different to be good as the main option.

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Secondly, he is now playing without Aaron Donald for the first time in his career. Having Aaron Donald next to him on the interior is obviously going to make his life easier and with more focus on him (at least on the inside), things are tougher.