Chargers fans' wish comes true: Joe Lombardi is hired by Broncos

Los Angeles Chargers v Las Vegas Raiders
Los Angeles Chargers v Las Vegas Raiders / Chris Unger/GettyImages

The LA Chargers had a roller coaster 2022 season that resulted in a strong push and playoff berth but ended in one of the biggest blown leads in playoff history. There was one constant during this playoff push, though: the offense was not being maximized by its offensive coordinator, Joe Lombardi.

The powers that be with the Chargers recognized this and fired Lombardi, replacing him with Dallas Cowboys offensive coordinator Kellen Moore. Despite Lombardi's poor showing with the Chargers in 2022, it did not take the offensive coach long to find a new job.

Prior to joining the Chargers, Lombardi was the long-time quarterbacks coach for the New Orleans Saints. With Sean Payton being hired by the Denver Broncos, Lombardi became a key name to watch for an offensive position with Denver. Those suspicions were confirmed, as Payton in hiring Lombardi to his offensive staff.

Chargers fans will get a chance to beat Joe Lombardi twice a year.

Joe Lombardi is easily one of the most despised figures in the league for Chargers fans and now the team is going to get a chance to beat him twice a year. Every Chargers fan will jump with joy the first time the team plays Denver and Justin Herbert unleashes a long bomb for a touchdown; something that did not happen much with Lombardi.

In a perfect world, Lombardi would be in control of the offense like he was with the Chargers. The combination of a regressing Russell Wilson with Lombardi would be a beautiful sight for Chargers fans. In fact, Wilson is probably a better QB for Lombardi's stick-heavy offense.

However, as we all know, Sean Payton is regarded as an offensive genius and will be in control of the offense. Just like in New Orleans, Lombardi will be reaping the rewards of knowing and coaching under a Hall of Fame head coach.

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Perhaps another team in the future will convince itself of Lombardi in the same way that the Chargers did in 2021.