Chargers fans shouldn't be shocked about Week 3's loss to Jaguars

Jacksonville Jaguars v Los Angeles Chargers
Jacksonville Jaguars v Los Angeles Chargers / Sean M. Haffey/GettyImages

The LA Chargers played flat. They did not look like a team that is meant to have Super Bowl aspirations. They looked like a team that somehow got worse year-over-year despite all of the free-agent spending the in the offseason.

The Chargers were embarrassed by the Jacksonville Jaguars. There is no way around it. The Jaguars easily handled the Chargers on Sunday and took their lunch money while they did it. Doug Pederson looked like Bill Belichick against Brandon Staley. The Jaguars looked overly prepared, while the Chargers looked like they spent the last 10 days doing nothing.

And all that being said, this outcome should not have been that surprising for Chargers fans. Sure, Justin Herbert playing provided some hope, but Chargers fans were already significantly overlooking the Jaguars and what this matchup entails.

The Jaguars should have been favored heading into this matchup vs. the Chargers.

Don't get me wrong, this kind of loss is inexcusable, but it is not surprising with everything going into this one. The Chargers were playing without four of their six most important players and had a quarterback who very obviously was uncomfortable and probably should not have played in this game.

All of that mixed with the injuries and the poor coaching created this blowout loss for the Chargers. Should the Chargers have been embarrassed in this fashion? No. But losing to the Jaguars with everything heading into this game should not have been surprising.

The Jaguars are a good football team and are led by a really good head coach in Doug Pederson. All week we told Chargers fans who would listen that this is not the same Jaguars team and the second you take them lightly they will make you pay. Unfortunately, it appears that the Chargers took them lightly as well.

What this team does moving forward will be interesting. It is only Week 3 of the 2022 NFL season, let's not forget, so this idea that the season is over after Sunday is absolutely absurd. That is over reactionary.

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That being said, if the injuries suffered this week are severe and the coaches don't improve then this is going to be more of the same all season long.